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Brand :Verylove
Product Name: Colorful Lucky induction washable high luminous pillow
Size: Oversized : 50 * 45 CM
Color: White
Material: high-grade velvet material imported from Europe
Fill: South Korea imported class A 15D dimensional doll cotton , high elastic cotton is enhanced
Weight : 500 g
Package : 1 * Pillow
Certification: "National Toy Safety technical standards " , " EU CE Product quality and safety certification," "The EU ROHS certification mandatory Hazardous Substances "
Function: inductive switch + countdown function , pat that is bright, make another Jimie , do not touch the countdown automatically turns off when 10 minutes , made colorful light , seven colors automatically cycle changes, washable coat.
How to use: 3 5 batteries, the battery is installed , put the battery compartment on the back of the main switch to the ON position open , pat on the pillow that is bright, make another Jimie , do not touch automatically turns off when the 10 minutes countdown
[Note: This phenomenon is sensing feature , not a bad contact or does not light , please know ! 】
Cleaning : The product should not soak into the water washing , the internal line can not be pulled out , or they will not be restored , if dirty , you can coat off with detergent , hand wash, machine wash, dry cleaning can be , to be restored after drying can be.

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